Brief Curly Hairstyles


The twenties represented a turning point for ladies and their hair as “the new woman” cut the girl hair into a short frank inspired by popular stars of the time like Louise Creeks and Colleen Moore. Actually some women reportedly visited barber shops to get their head of hair cut short since woman salons were used to design and curling long tresses. But , besides the bob, there have been also long hairstyles as well. Actress Mary Pickford notoriously had long curls which were adored by the public and chic updos were a popular appear. Explore more 1920s hair styles below!
You’ve been pinning pixie cuts and bobs for months, framing your face together with your hair, watching long-to-short conversions obsessively on YouTube. Your new hair-do cravings are at a temperature pitch. But , there’s only one thing…you have curly hair. Because you’ve probably guessed chances are, when you cut your hair, it is far from going to behave the way Emma Watson’s does (in reality, quite the opposite). We have had friends, parents, actually hairstylists tell us “you can not cut your curly hair short” but , we’re here to express - yes, you completely can. You just have to know what to anticipate.

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