How To Do Hairstyles Youtube


How To Do Hairstyles Youtube, Perfect for long to medium length hair, this female fauxhawks (faux Mohawk) updo might be more of your cup of tea in case you are trendy and edgy. In the video, the fauxhawk is created on the base of an inverted braid that has been pulled at to create the messy spiral. The colour, the feel, and the volume are absolutely in Melissa’s chic character. Leyla from Luxy Hair calls this hairstyle quick and easy, and based about how simple it was for all of us to recreate this look ourselves; we’d have to agree with her. Regarding the style, simply split your hair into two rope ponytails. Take the rope braid from your back right and place it up and over, secure it with strong-holding bobby pins as you go. Repeat on the other side. Therefore, when you put them together, it’s a truly beautiful thing!

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