Short Hair Female Characters


Short Hair Female Characters. Chemotherapy (often simply known as 'chemo') uses drugs in order to weaken and destroy malignancy cells. Unlike other remedies, chemo works through the blood stream and therefore affects not only typically the cancer cells but the entire body. This means that healthy cells may also be damaged- causing the unpleasant side effects associated with chemotherapy. These side effects include anaemia, fatigue, dried out and sensitive skin, infecundity, loss of appetite and weight reduction, nausea and vomiting. However it was the prospect of dropping her hair that triggered Nathalie the most distress. The girl told me that she simply couldn't imagine herself balding and was terrified in which she would be ugly. I believe everyone (including Nathalie) might agree that hair loss might be an ultimately small cost to pay for your life, yet We are equally sure that there are couple of women who wouldn't sympathize with this particular very natural and in-born response. Science explains baldness due to chemotherapy as the medication attacking ALL rapidly developing cells- that includes cancer tissues and... those in your roots. So now you know. But the woman's relationship with her tresses is a far less simple point to rationalize.

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