Short Hairstyles For Women


Short Hairstyles For Women. More than ever, brief locks are considered low servicing, bold, sexy, and most of most, empowering. They fit all as well as any occasions and will surly turn heads. What is not there to love about a quick haircut? If you’re lost, here are some short hairdos you can use like a starting point. read more

Short hair for ladies became fashionable in the twenties. Styles for short hair integrated the bob cut (a blunt cut to the face or neck and reduce evenly all around), the actual shingle bob (a new hair-do that was tapered short within the back), and cropped tresses (cut short in the as well as longer bangs in the front). Women wore longer designs in the 1930s and nineteen forties, but short hair made the comeback when Audrey Hepburn sported a pixie slice (a very short wispy haircut) in the 1953 movie Roman Holiday.[1][2] Short hair was relatively popular throughout the 60s, however the 70s and 80s preferred different hairstyles. It became well-known again in the 1990s and also remains so to this day.

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