Short Hairstyles Korean Bob


Short Hairstyles Korean Bob One of the great long hairstyles I like to use whether I'm going to work or going out for the night is the half-up and half-down style. You will need a high quality clip or hair tie. For night time, I like to use an embellished clip that will sparkle against my hair. During the day, I use simple hair elastic that is the same color as my hair. You will need to separate the top section of your hair from the bottom, using your ears as a guide. You can gather the hair at the back, or you can brush the hair from front to back, making it smooth. Either way, fasten your hair with the clip or elastic and you are ready for action. Many hair stylists list this as one of their easiest of long hairstyles.

Another option in the many long hairstyles offered Short Hairstyles Korean Bob is a fancy ponytail. This entails fastening the hair at the nape of the neck, not the top. You can fasten your hair loosely with a fancy elastic or hair tie or even a sash. I often use a neckerchief in a vibrant color to add flair. This hairstyle is classy, but can be fun with the right accessory.

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