Simple Hairstyles For Short Hair For College


Simple hairstyles for short hair for college We all know that as BLACK FEMALES WE LOVE OUR TRESSES. We take pride in it. All of us compliment each other on it. We all share secrets about it. Many of us even start our own companies around it. However , typically, it has not been our own natural kinks that we are typically in love with.

In 2009, Dark comedian Chris Rock created a documentary detailing Dark-colored women’s obsession with tresses. It was called Good Tresses . What this individual found out was alarming, for any woman. With Black women often visiting hair salons and elegance supply stores several times each month, the Black hair business is one of the most lucrative ethnic-specific industrial sectors in the world. Many of the Black ladies who visit these salons, but do so to upkeep chemically-relaxed hair.

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