Updated Hairstyles


Updated Hairstyles. The Army is also banning some hairstyles popular among African-American women. The stated objective here is professionalism, but some troops and even members of the Congressional Black Caucus are upset, and perhaps they are urging the Obama administration to consider a second look at the rules.

Many people are constantly altering their own style, while others keep their particular looks from the rock and roll many years. Of course , style is a choice so people can do the actual want, but sometimes a fresh good idea to at least keep up with the days. Wendy and Tim the two had long, “rock” locks, as well as their completely out-of-date wardrobes that they hadn’t up to date since 1992 and 85. Fed up with the way they look and gown, a friend brought them to the interest of The Oprah Winfrey Show, who also decided to give them much-needed refurbishments. The end result? Sweeter than all of us ever could have guessed! Although this clip is coming from 2003, their love is definitely timeless. Check it out.

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